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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team Pink!!! It's a GIRL :)

Life has been quite crazy for the past couple of weeks with the new job and move to the delta. Things are finally starting to settle down! But to catch you up, two weeks ago Chris and I went to the doctor to find out what our little bundle of joy was! After an hour of so of looking (b/c of breech position) they put the verdict in an envelope and off to lunch with our families we went! We had two cakes made... one with pink inside and one with blue. We gave the envelope to our waitress, who in turn brought out the appropriate cake... and the rest you can see for yourself :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Time!

Mine and Chris's niece, Kelsey, was down from Texas to visit Grammy for a couple weeks this summer. So one Friday, Grammy picked up Landon and brought him to us for the weekend. When it got time for Grammy, Papaw and Kelsey to leave, Landon wasn't thrilled his play buddy wasn't staying with him. So Kelsey stayed with Aunt Cole, Uncle Chris and Landon all weekend and boy did we have some fun! I've posted some pictures for everyone to see!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

O, Baby!

So, I went for my monthly appointment yesterday. The plan was to check bp, weight, iron, and hear fetal heart beat with the doppler.... BUT what goes as planned? I went alone thinking Chris shouldn't take off just to watch me sit on a scale for 20 minutes. When it was time to listen to the baby with the doppler, we had a hard time finding the heart beat. Yes, a little scary, but we could hear it faintly. By this time I had been in the office for 2 and a half hours... so she said, "Go get you a sonogram. Consider this my free present to you for waiting so long. Plus, it will give you peice of mind since you weren't able to hear it as well as me!" I was sooooo excited! So I went to sono and waited another hour; so worth it! I was the last patient so we got to sit and watch the baby for about 30 minutes. "It" was kicking around and jumping, scratching it's eye.... so busy in there! She even let me watch in 4D... they must love me there! Everything looked great! I've been in awe of the pictures since I left the office! Thought I'd share :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where'd that come from???

Well they say it happens overnight, but WOW! Chris and I have noticed my bump for a week or two now... and it may be that I have been wearing loose fitting shirts, but today I woke up and thought, "Where did this come from?" My bump grew overnight! First thing I did was weigh, because I thought, bigger stomach = more weight... but still only have gained 1 pound since my ego has gotten prego. So a little excited that it is becoming evident, I put on a tighter shirt and took a picture for the baby book... just thought I'd share :)

We go for our next appointment on Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time is Flying!

When I noticed my last post was June 3rd, it really hit me how fast the summer is going! Wow! I have enjoyed my break, but I'm starting to get cabin fever! I've read at least 4 (500+ page) baby books, googled girl and boy baby bedding to death, and recently started to update the living room! We are painting, yes again, and getting new table toppers and pillows made! I'm pretty pumped about it!

On the baby news... life is great! I am feeling TONS better! This is the first week that I have started to "show." However, to a stranger not so much! But Chris and I can tell, especially me when I try to button my jeans... just isn't happening anymore! Plus for me though, I've only gained 1 pound so far! Yay! I just knew I'd be the kiddo that ate everything! Figured I'd crave donuts and ice cream... but all I want is cheese toast, orange juice, and fruit! I drink a gallon of orange juice in two days... and this week's fruit = plums! Yummy! Last week's was watermelon! I have also been craving cucumbers lately, but quickly learned they give me SEVERE indigestion! Ouch! O the joys of pregnancy... and we are just getting started :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Heartbeat!!

Yesterday we went for our second sonogram! It had really grown since the previous one! The little heartbeat was strong and steady! It was awesome! I couldn't cry nor laugh... I just stared at that screen with my mouth wide open. I did look over and Chris to see his sweet, smiling face! She printed out our pictures and it was then that my eyes welled with tears. Sitting with Chris in the waiting room, looking at our small miracle, I was overjoyed! What a miracle! We met with our doctor to go over my bloodwork (which was great) and the do's and don'ts. It was truely a GREAT day!

I was so excited the rest of the day and it was hard to sleep last night! We read all the gender myths. Crazy how many there are! We did the ring on a string over the belly - it said girl. The pendent over your hand said girl. Chinese gender calendar says boy. We know that the Lord will give us exactly what we need and we truely don't have a preference! We just want healthy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ugh, Peaches!

I was feeling good this morning, made my way to school, signed in, lunch in the fridge, then off to the cafateria to see Mrs. Sephton's (Whitney) precious class during breakfast! I was especially excited because we had Kindergarten graduation! Three of our students were graduating and I couldn't wait to see how cute they were in their "Sunday best!" One of the students, bless his heart, came running up to me with open arms, as he does every morning, and gives me my morning hug! Little did I see that his hands were DRENCHED in peach juice! Just as those sweet dimples hugged me I smelt the peaches, but it was too late... it was already all over me! The smell was too much and I had to rush off to the bathroom! I don't think I'll ever eat a peach again... and I like peaches! After Mary Kathryn took care of my peach clothes and found some crackers for me... off to graduation we went! As if my hormones don't already have me on a roller coaster... seeing the adorable students in their cap and gown was almost more than I could take! They were so big! Just the reality of how quickly time goes by! I cried through most of the slide show! Cried in my room after... I just cried most of the day! And when I wasn't crying, I was holding my breath! Wow, the smells are what really get to me! And in a K-6 grade school, well you just get the point. I laugh when I think about what is going on with my body! Makes you feel like a crazy loon! I'm soooo blessed to have a wonderful husband who is turning out to be a really good cook. He is getting lots of practice this week as he comes home at 7:00 to find me dead asleep! So he cooks dinner and lets me keep resting! Bless his heart, he is working so hard! I am also blessed to have a great family (especially mom, who has to check on me twice day by phone call these days... and additional texts) and an amazing group of friends who help me laugh it off! I love you all!